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Natural Woven Shades
Castec Natural Woven Shade
Natural Woven Shade Brochure 3990 kb

Most Woven Wood shades are produced by window blinds manufacturers using basic cut and glue or stapling techniques. Castec's Natural Woven Shade line is the only one designed and produced by a leading Roman Shade supplier using classic soft window covering construction techniques. Castec invests more labor and material in producing and finishing the shade, and the attention to detail is evident.

Shade Features:

 Exclusive Fabrics
 Advanced Motorization options
 Sewn Shade edges
 Superb edge binding
 Privacy, Blackout and Jute linings

Understanding Motorization (Click here)
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Somfy-Remote Control Overview 578kb
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Fabric Studio-Roller Shades
Castec Fabric Studio roll shades
Fabric Studio Brochure 2287kb

Roll shades can provide an enormous range of solutions to sun and shading problems. In addition, they can be strikingly beautiful, providing elegant solutions to design problems that cannot be dealt with in any other way.

Fabric Studio Roll shade program at a glance:

 • Over 200 fabrics including: 
      » Sheer and casement fabrics
      » Tranlucent fabrics  
      » Solar screen fabrics
      »  Room darkening and blackout fabrics
 • Plain roll or Cassette lifting system
 • Wireless remote motor control
 • 5 Hem styles with decorative gimp or decorative trimmings
 • Plain roll or Cassette lifting system

Understanding Motorization (Click here)
Wireless Controls Overview 78kb
Somfy-Remote Control Overview 578kb
Somfy Motor Control Network 108kb



Castec Rollstar Screen Shade

View pictures of Screen Shades

Rollstar™ roll shades are compact when opened (drawn up). Since the fabric rolls up, the shade does not require the "stacking space" of a traditional folding shade. When the shade is down, the deployed fabric is smooth and uncluttered, providing simple and elegant sun protection and privacy. During the day, the solar-screen fabrics allow a clear view through the window, while blocking the view into the building from outside. In the evening, when the source of light is inside, additional window treatments such as draperies might be needed to provide night-time privacy.

 •   Clutch operated lifting system
is standard
Motorization is an optional add-on.
Fascias and Headboxes are available in various sizes
Rollstar shades can be made for window openings up to 240"


  •   Solar Screen Shades in various openess factors
        Phifer-Sheer Weave Brochure 2889kb
  •   Light Filtering Shades
  •   Blackout Shades for darkroom applications

Understanding Motorization (Click here)
Wireless Controls Overview 78kb
Somfy-Remote Control Overview 578kb
Somfy Motor Control Network 108kb

Castec Sunstar Screen Shade

The classic look of a Sunstar shade makes it desirable in situations where some design detail is preferred. Stays running from side to side add structure, giving the shade an "architectural" look.

A Sunstar folding shade is finished neatly with a round bottom rail rather than a hem.

Lifting cords run from the bottom of the shade through a series of pulleys and cord guides (rings attached to the shade). The cords lift the shade from the bottom, causing the shade to form a series of folds as it rises.

Because solar fabrics with vertical seams do not fold neatly, we cannot make the Sunstar folding shade with center panels or center seams. Instead, we railroad the fabric (turn it at a 90 degree angle) and conceal any horizontal seams in the stay pockets.

Sunstar folding shades have no side hems. Because of the quality of the solar fabrics, side seams are not necessary; and the additional thickness might impair the operation of the shade. The fabric edges are neatly finished.

Clutch-operated lifting system is standard

Motorization is an optional add-on.

Castec Trackstar Sliding shade

The Trackstar shade design is a variation on the Sunstar folding shade style, with engineering modifications to allow smooth operation over curved windows. The sides of the shade are held in place by carriers that run along a fixed track

A Trackstar shade is lifted from the bottom, creating the folded stack that is characteristic of a folding shade. Trackstar shades are used in situations where the slope of the glass is sufficient to use gravity in bringing it down. The path of the shade is guided by tracks, and special carriers attached to the shade travel along the tracks.

Most Trackstar™ shades are made up in solar-screen fabrics, but other fabrics can be used as well.

Both manual and motorized lifting systems are available

Trackstar shades are an ideal solution for treating curved
   windows, and are typically used in solariums and greenhouses.

Castec Skystar Skykight Shade

For windows that are flat and rectangular but without a vertical slope, a Skystar skylight shade is usually the preferred solution.


Castec's Solar Solutions line features the following Skystar skylight shade styles:

  • Skystar 600, a motorized flat roll shade that is often made with blackout fabric.

The Skystar 600 is a complete roll shade and motorized lifting system. It can be manufactured with any fabric suitable for roll shades.

  • Skystar 701A, a manually operated folding shade system. The consumer uses a wand to draw the shade open or closed.
  • Skystar 701B, a motorized folding shade system with visible return cords

Skystar 701C, a motorized folding shade system with a Helireel™ motor. The design of this motor forces the cords to wind around the tube evenly, ensuring that the shade remains even when it is raised or lowered. The return cords are routed through the side channels, so they are not visible when the shade is drawn.

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