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«Upholstered Headboards »

All upholstered headboard styles shown (in table below) are drawn Queen size which is 61" wide.  Each Headboard drawing is drawn in scale at 1 inch = 1 foot.  If submiting drawings for custom upholstered headboard designs, please draw in 3/4 or 1 inch scale.

Clicking on the Picture will show an actual photo of the basic headboard shape with some or none of the options in the pencil drawings.

Styles 103 thru 131 are shown with a single border which can be plain, boxed or shirred.

Custom Upholstered Headboard Styles and Shapes
Style 100
Upholstered Headboard Style 100 - Click to Enlarge
Style 101
Upholstered Headboard Style 101 - Click to Enlarge
Style 102
Upholstered Headboard Style 102 - Click to Enlarge
Style 103
Upholstered Headboard Style 103 - Click to Enlarge
Style 109
Upholstered Headboard Style 109 - Click to Enlarge
Style 110
Upholstered Headboard Style 110 - Click to Enlarge
Style 111
Upholstered Headboard Style 111 - Click to Enlarge
Style 112
Upholstered Headboard Style 112 - Click to Enlarge
Style 113
Upholstered Headboard Style 113 - Click to Enlarge
Style 114
Upholstered Headboard Style 114 - Click to Enlarge
Style 115
Upholstered Headboard Style 115 - Click to Enlarge
Style 116
Upholstered Headboard Style 116 - Click to Enlarge
Style 117
Upholstered Headboard Style 117 - Click to Enlarge
Style 118
Upholstered Headboard Style 118 - Click to Enlarge
Style 119
Upholstered Headboard Style 119 - Click to Enlarge
Style 120
Upholstered Headboard Style 120 - Click to Enlarge
Style 121
Upholstered Headboard Style 121 - Click to Enlarge
Style 122
Upholstered Headboard Style 122 - Click to Enlarge
Style 123
Upholstered Headboard Style 123 - Click to Enlarge
Style 124
Upholstered Headboard Style 124 - Click to Enlarge
Style 125
Upholstered Headboard Style 125 - Click to Enlarge
Style 126
Upholstered Headboard Style 126 - Click to Enlarge
Style 127
Upholstered Headboard Style 127 - Click to Enlarge
Style 128
Upholstered Headboard Style 128 - Click to Enlarge
Style 129
Upholstered Headboard Style 129 - Click to Enlarge
Style 130
Upholstered Headboard Style 130 - Click to Enlarge
Style 131
Upholstered Headboard Style 131 - Click to Enlarge

Headboard Terminolgy

Click to Enlarge - Picture describes the basic parts of an Upholstered Headboard

Border Styles

Click to Enlarge - Border Styles and Options

Fabric Considerations

· Most silks should be backed. Even though
  silks are backed they may still show staple
  tracks or pull marks.

· Fabrics with no pattern direction can be
  railroaded to avoid seams.

· Thick fabrics do not gather or shirr up well
  for use with shirred borders.

 D'Kei Upholstery Nailheads 484kb 


Headboard Features and Options

Plain, Shirred, Pleated, Boxed Edge, Wrapped Edge
Contrast borders (usually match duster fabric)

Border Trims
Double Welt - Self or Contrast
 Single Welt -  Self or Contrast
 Shirred Welt -  Self or
 Cord or Rope Trim, Twisted Cording, Braided Cording
 • Decorative Nailheads

Plain self or contrasting fabric
 • Buttoned with self or contrasting buttons in sizes ranging from 
   1/2"  to 2"
 • Button Tufted in Square or Diamond Pattern
 • Stitch and Pull Tufted
 Outline quilting that follows the pattern in the fabric
 • Line Quilted in Diamonds, Squares, Channels

 • Fully Lined in White or Ivory Drapery Lining

Attachment to bed frame with bolts or to wall with cleat

Shipping and Crating

Crating charge: $75.00 per each crate

Will ship anywhere using Fedex Common Carrier Freight or BAX Global

Click for FedEx Freight Website
Click for BAX Global Website


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