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Window Treatment Motorization at a Glance

   Types of Motorized Treatments  
   Hard-To-Reach Windows
   Manage Glare
   Protect Furnishings
   Create Privacy
   Energy Costs and Security
Power Options
   Wiring Packages
   Home Automation

Types of Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Drapery
Motorized Lift and Tilt Systems
Wood Blinds 1" and 2"
Motorized Silhouette & Vignette Shades
Sheer Horizontal Shades

Motorized Roman Shades
Roman Fabric Shades 

Motorized Woven Shades
Woven Wood Shades 

Motorized Duette and Pleated Shades
Pleated & Cellular Shades 

Motorized Solar Screen Shades
Solar Screen Shades
Motorized Room Dividers and Sliding Panels
Room Dividers
Motorized Louver Tilting for Shutters
Tilting Louvers in Shutters
In-Home Theater drapery
In-Home Theater Drapery

Motorized Verticals
Motorized Vertical Blinds


Easily Adjust Hard-To-Reach Window Coverings

Somfy Telis Pure 5-Channel Remote
Telis Pure 5-Channel RTS

Telis Remote Brochure 2190K

Modulis Remote Brochure 998K

Motorized Silhouette Shadings

Now at the touch of a button, hard to reach window coverings are simple to control.  It is no longer necessary to climb into the bathtub, reach over furniture, step onto a stool in the kitchen or ascend a ladder in a two story foyer or great room to adjust shades and blinds.  The Telis Pure remote control is the perfect answer with a fresh clean look to compliment any decor. 

Pressing the "MY" button moves the selected shades to a determined preset position.

Motorized Skylight Shadings


Conveniently Manage Glare
Motorized 2" Wood Blinds
Motorized Ribbed Roman Shades

Glare can be annoying while trying to watch television, surf the web or read the morning paper. The Somfy hand held remote control is the ideal solution to manage glare.  At the simple touch of a button, shades and blinds will open or close to adjust the changing sunlight in a room.

Somfy - Telis Lounge Single Channel Remote
Telis Lounge single channel RTS remote

Automatically Protect Furnishings
Somfy Impresario Chronis Silver remote
Telis Impresario Chronis Silver remote RTS controller
Many homeowners too often experience the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays on floors, carpets, furniture, window treatments, wall coverings and artwork. The Impresario Chronis is a timer that allows users to program specific times of the day to automatically adjust window coverings in different areas of the house, protecting interiors from the fading and damaging effects of direct sunlight Motorized Drapery

Motorized Solar Screen Shade

Effortly Adjust Window Coverings
Somfy - Composio 20 Channel Remote Controller
Telis Composio Lounge hand held 20 Channel RTS remote controller
Motorized - Ribbed Roman Shades
Motorized window coverings solve the problem of trying to adjust large or heavy shades and provide ease of use for the elderly or handicapped.  The tedious task of raising and lowering a group of coverings is now simplified with the Telis Composio.  This 20 channel remote control features an on-screen display for easy navigation and offers the convenience of adjusting window coverings in multiple zones throughout the home. Motorized Silhouette Shades

Instantly Create Your Privacy

DecoFlex RTS wall switch in White.  Download brochure below to see complete collection
DecoFlexl RTS Wall switch.

One Touch privacy helps create the ideal enviroment for your personal needs.  Using Decora wireless wall switches, window coverings may be controlled when entering or exiting a room, just like the lights.  The switch may be seamlessly installed without wiring next to any light switch or stand alone and is never out of place. 

Motorized Silhouette Shades

DecoFlex Brochure 1600K

Reduce Energy Costs and Increased Security
Motorized Solar Screen Shade

Energy Savings Brochure 227K

Programming shades and drapery to raise and lower, open and close at certain times of the day helps to manage heat gain in the summer months and heat loss during the winter thus reducing costly monthly energy bills.

Somfy - Chronis RTS wall timer switch
Chronis Timer

The Chronis combination time wall switch may be programmed to automatically adjust window coverings at preset times throughout the day.  This feature provides added security to an unoccupied home by creating a "lived in" look even while homeowners are away.

Power Options
Battery Powered - DC

Battery              Wall Plug
Battery Powered Motorization12 or 24volt DC - Wall plug-in transformer

Perfect for Doors, Skylights and specific types of building construction that create a challenge in concealing unsightly power cords. The solution is Somfy's WireFree Battery Powered Systems. Download a brochure below to learn more about this new technology!

WireFreeTilt-Brochure 808kb

Battery Operated Skylight Shading system

Battery Powered 2" Wood Blind RTS Tilt System
Hardwired - (24v-DC or 120v-AC) with Intergrated Automation Control
Home Automation Touch Pad Controller

Motor Control Network

Did you know window coverings powered by Somfy may be integrated with total home control systems?  The same remote, touch screen or wall panel which controls lighting, security, HVAC, and audio-video equipment can also adjust motorized window coverings.  And with the flat screen trend transforming virtually any room in the house into a "home theater", motorized window coverings are becoming part of the norm.

Multi-Link Control Brochure 1.6MB 


Home Automation hand held controller

Choose Your Technology

Motorized products are available with different technologies to meet the requirements of all types of building structures (residential or commercial, new or renovation) and for all users needs.

WT  Wired Technology
Wired Technology is an ideal solution for new buildings. Upgrade at any time to RF or proprietary systems such as Radio Technolgy Somfy (RTS).
iWT  Intelligent Wired Technology
Easy integration with digital control systems
RTS  Radio Technology Somfy® RF-Radio Frequency
With over 3 million installations throughout the world, RTS has become the standard for secure radio technology in the industry. Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) means that installations can evolve as new controls become available and are added.
IR  Infrared
Compatible with all universal infrared control units. This platform is the most widly utilized for ease in communication between systems using RS-232 serial communication.

Z-Wave has been designed from the ground up for residential applications such as lighting control, thermostats, garage doors, access control, security systems, blinds and drapes, Internet gateways, PC applications, media center integration, and universal remote controls. Z-Wave not only adds comfort and convenience to today’s lifestyles, it also provides increased home security and helps consumers realize substantial home energy savings. Download the document below to read more about this new technology
Z-Wave explained 1402kb

Z Wave Logo

Take comfort knowing Somfy's full range of motors and controls are backed by a 5 year warranty so quality is guaranteed.

• Exclusive technologies
• Present in 45 countries
• An organized worldwide network of 14,000 specially trained installers

For nearly 40 years, Somfy has been innovating the window covering motorization market.  Somfy invented Home Motion and is a world leader in the field, coordinating motors, control units and automatic systems to power all shades, blinds and drapery in the home or office.

Wiring Packages

Windows that are typically hard to reach are now conveinient to adjust at the touch of a button.  During the building process, affordable pre-wiring packages are installed and can then be utilized if needed without costly rip-up or rework. 

Ask your Builder or Architect about how easy wiring for motorized window coverings can be...you will be glad you did!


 Hard to Reach Windows
High Window
  Window Behind Sink/Counter
  Window Behind Bathtub


 Standard Plus:
  Family Room Windows
  Master Bedroom Windows


 Premium Plus:
  Home Theater
  All Additional Windows

Home Automation

Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. Today as a result of technological and product developments, integrated lighting, home entertainment, security, heating and cooling systems and motorized window coverings can all be controlled through one network.

Automated window coverings provide instant privacy when you want it and allows light to enter as you wish. That means more energy efficiency and better sun protection for your valuable furnishings and carpet - you gain improved control over the interior room enviroment. Window covering automation also makes it much easier to access hard-to-reach windows above a counter, a bathtub or in a high foyer. Use of your automated window coverings is always available at the simple press of a button.
Timers, Wind and Sun sensors can also operate your automated window coverings to open and close them at specified times or atmospheric conditions.

Frankly speaking, the fact that people are afraid to press “the wrong button”, shows the lack of installer’s professional skills, as they could not due to some reasons, provide a user-friendly system interface…


SM-Automatic and Somfy systems will seemlessly integrate with many popular home automation control systems on the market today.

Click for Crestron Website Click for Lutron Shading Solutions
Click to go to Elan Home Systems Website Lite Touch Logo Click to go to HAI Website

Building a new Home? Make sure it is wired correctly for home automation. Hard to reach and high windows can be pre-wired for motorized window coverings during the construction process. Automated controls can then be added later if needed with no construction tear-ups or costly electrical work.

What can Home Automation Really do?

  • Schedule blinds to open in the morning and close in the afternoon to protect furnishings and carpet from fading.
  • Save money by efficiently controlling your a/c and heating, lighting and other power consuming devices.

  • Schedule events: close the garage door at 5 o'clock, turn on the porch light at dusk based on the ever changing time of sunset.

  • Control temperature setting in your pool or spa.

  • Make your house look lived in when you're away with a Vacation Setting.

  • Irrigation control: Let your house remember to water the lawn

  • Manage your home from anywhere, access your home controls via the internet or telephone!

  • Turn the curling iron or coffe pot off from work.

  • Dis-arm and allow access to your home from your cell phone.

Download a brochure to learn more about Remote Control & Automated Systems

Remote Control Overview 550kb  Builders Brochure 2550kb
NewTelis Remote Controllers 2037kb Designers Guide Brochure 9780kb

Decsign Company has been specifying, providing and installing motorized blind and drapery systems in the Pittsburgh and surrounding western Pennsylvania area for over 15 years. We can provide you with a single battery operated blind or an entire home of window coverings that interface with the most popular and capable automation controllers in the market today.  We will work with your Architect, Builder or Home Automation Contractor to make sure your job is a success and all at the right price!


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