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Fabric Protection

Magi Seal of Pittsburgh, providing fabric protection for your fine furnishings. 

Since 1979, Magi Seal has been a leader in providing extended warranty programs and delivering service excellence for today's most discerning furniture retailers. With superior customer service and innovative retailer programs, Magi Seal is a partner you can trust for the future.

Magi Seal Stain Protection for:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Mattresses
  • Automobile Interiors
  • Leather Care Program

Call 724-327-3068 for an appointment or

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Your Guide to Upholstery Care

We at Magi Seal thank you for having your valued fabrics protected with our unique and sophisticated stain resistance treatment. The more information you have about your furnishings and their recommended care, the easier it will be to keep them looking newer longer.  Magi Seal has a commitment to provide you with superior products and outstanding customer service.  MagiSeal makes it easier for you to maintain your purchase, but it is not a substitute for regular care on your part. For your convenience, and future consultation,  we have created this general information guide concerning your upholstery, carpet, mattress or automobile interior and their recommended care.

Cleaning Spills

Spills that occur on most Magi Seal treated fabrics will simply bead up on the surface and are easily blotted away.  However, on some loose weave fabrics, spills may not readily bead up and the spill may penetrate the surface of the fabric.  This occurs mainly because even though the fibers of the fabric remain dry and sealed, the spill rests in the air space between the fibers.

Act quickly before the spill spreads or dries!

For Liquid Spills

  • Blot, DO NOT RUB - Blot lightly with a dry white paper towel to start, increase pressure on stain and use fresh paper towel until no more liquid absorbs.

For Solid or Semi-Solid Spills (e.g. food)

  • Gently scoop - if the spill is thick (sauces), gently scoop as much of the spill with a spoon towards the center of the stain.  Treat any liquid residue as a Liquid Spill.  Blot with a white absorbent towel.

For Dry Spills (e.g. ashes, dry cosmetics)

  • Vacuum - adding liquid to a normally dry substance (ashes) may cause permanent stain. Vacuum or beat the area with a ruler or use the adhesive side of masking tape to lift off any residue.

If a spill does occur that you cannot blot, scoop or vacuum away completely, call the Magi Seal 800 number found on your warranty. That is all there is to it. We handle it from there.

Do Not attempt to clean the spill with any cleaning agents prior to contacting Magi Seal.
Never put water on your fine fabrics or carpeting.

Everyday Care of your Upholstery 

Even though you have purchased the most advanced and durable protection on the market, everyday soiling can still accumulate on fabrics regardless of any treatments.  By using Magi Seal however, your fabrics will clean much more easily and will return to almost showroom condition after the professional removal of soil deposits.

What is General Soiling?

  • Atmospheric soil - this is the substance you find on windows, and it is usually a mixture of dust, smoke and cooking oils.
  • Dirt transfer from clothing, shoes, children and pets.
  • Body and hair oil.

Maintenance Tips

Reverse Cushions - If your furniture has reversible cushions, be sure to reverse them every two weeks, since this will insure equal use on all cushions. This will also add to the life of the cushion.

Vacuum Weekly - The most effective way to keep your upholstery clean and looking its best all the time is to vacuum them weekly or as often as you dust your end tables.  Make sure you vacuum all surfaces, especially cushions, arms and decking.  This retards the accumulation of soiling, and will add years of life to your furniture.  Frequently beating the cushions (to loosen dust) followed by vacuuming the furniture is recommended for high use articles.

Beware of Newspapers - Avoid placing newspapers on fabrics, since the ink will accumulate and it is difficult to remove.

Beware of Dyes - Never cover your furniture with dark colored blankets or sheets, etc., since the dyes may rub off onto the fabric when dry, or bleed when wet.

Avoid the use of - paints, inks, nail polishes and Mercurochrome (antiseptic dyes) around your furniture, since they are designed to alter color and will stain.

Never Remove - cushion covers for dry cleaning or machine-washing, even though they have zippers.  You will risk shrinkage and/or permanent damage.

Avoid UV Rays - Keep upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight.

Refreshen by Professional Cleaning - periodic professional cleaning of your upholstery will help maintain the beauty and extend the life of your furnishings.  You can call Magi Seal anytime for the recommended cleaner in your area.

Need Help? - Please feel free to contact our customer service technicians. They are there for YOU!

About Magi Seal

  • Enviromentally friendly
  • 3 Hour drying time
  • Odorless & Colorless
  • Cannot be seen, smelled or felt
  • Non-Toxic & Hypo-allergenic
  • Safe for children, pet & food
  • Ultra violet absorber
  • Anti fungal additive
  • Anti-Allergen additive, clinically proven to kill dust mites
  • Can be applied to any fabric
  • Warranted for most normal household stains, including coffee, tea, red wine and grape juice, spaghetti sauce & chocolate as well as human body fluids
  • Permanent protection for your valuable investment
  • Not removed by steam cleaning


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